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Replace your PDP11 with a Windows PC

The REVIVER-11S is a turnkey system that emulates a complete PDP11 on a Windows PC. No retranslation of your PDP11 code is required. The PDP11 CPU, memory, disk drives, tapes, serial lines, and Ethernet controllers are emulated by mapping their functionality onto Windows system services, creating a virtual PDP11 on a PC platform. This software-only solution
(no special hardware required) is ideal for PDP11 applications that require high speed, such as cross compilers, assemblers, run-time system interpreters, and source code translators. Because the emulation performance is proportional to the PC processor speed, PDP11 applications can now run up to hundreds of times faster than they did on the original PDP11 processor.

The REVIVER-11S directly replaces a PDP11 system with a Windows 2000 or Windows XP PC.

The PDP11 components in the REVIVER-11S are an exact model of the real PDP11 hardware that use the functionality of the PC to create a virtual PDP11 system. Peripheral devices on the PC emulate their counterpart device on the PDP11. The PC hard drive, for example, replaces the PDP11 hard drive(s), the PC Ethernet adapter emulates the PDP11 Ethernet adapter, and so forth.

This "virtual PDP11" executes PDP11 code directly on the Windows system - the original PDP11 binary code is copied to the PC and executed as a 32-bit Windows application. The PDP11 code is executed as-is by the emulator software. The PDP11 Operating System boots as it normally boots and PDP11 applications run as they normally run. The REVIVER-11S is a model of a complete PDP11 system, not restricted by a specific PDP11 operating system.


•  The PDP11 operating system and applications are transferred once - system operation and application maintenance continue unchanged. Application source code is not required for the transfer.

•  The REVIVER-11S product uses a standard Windows environment without requiring custom hardware. It is a standard Windows application that can co-exist with other Windows applications on the same PC.

•  The emulated PDP11 disks are represented as disk image files, or 'container files', permitting rapid backup, copying and management of complete emulated PDP11 systems. Configuration files permit easy switching between specific PDP11 configurations.

•  The REVIVER-11S performance scales linearly with the PC's CPU speed, allowing for extremely fast program execution. Disk I/O is 5 to 20 times faster than on the original PDP11 system.

•  Emulated serial lines can be mapped to physical serial ports, the integrated terminal emulator, telnet sessions, or application programs on the host system.

•  The REVIVER-11S includes emulation of the DEQNA/DELQA Ethernet adapters and integral support for Comware's popular LANSPEED network software for RSX11.

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