VAX (Virtual Address eXtension) is a venerable family of 32-bit computers from HP (via Digital and Compaq acquisitions) introduced in 1977 with the VAX-11/780.

VAX models ranged from desktop units to mainframes all running the same VMS operating system. Large VAX multiprocessing clusters served thousands of users in real-time Throughout the 1980s, software compatibility between all models caused the VAX family to achieve outstanding success for Digital. The last VAX order was taken in 1999 (for VAXstation 4000s), 22 years after the first VAX. HP has expressed support for OpenVMS on VAX through 2010.

Comware offers two separate and distinct approaches to replace your legacy VAX. Depending on your VAX system configuration and software application, one of these two offerings will solve your VAX support and performance issues forever.

vtVAX Software Emulation
NuVAX Hardware Emulation

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vtVAX Emulator (Software)

The REVIVER vtVAX emulator is a cost-effective replacement for almost any DEC VAX server or workstation. This affordable VAX virtualization software runs on modern PCs, reducing maintenance and operating cost and yielding ‘green’ benefits for both the data center and the bottom-line. The OpenVMS operating system, user interface and applications run unmodified on the REVIVER VAX emulator. No conversion of VAX source code is required. No retraining is required. Your investment is protected.

The REVIVER vtVAX emulator runs on a general purpose computer with the x86-architecture (32 or 64-bit). You are no longer locked in; you can now easily move to a more common platform and integrate your VAX systems in the IT infrastructure of your organization.

vtVAX Station   1   MicroVAX II, VAX 3100-96, VAX 3600/3800,
VAX 4000, VAX 4200
  128 MB  
vtVAX 128   1   MicroVAX II, VAX 3100-96, VAX 3600/3800,VAX 4000, VAX 4200   128 MB  
vtVAX 256   1   MicroVAX II, VAX 3100-96, VAX 3600/3800,VAX 4000, VAX 4200   256 MB  
vtVAX 512   1   MicroVAX II, VAX 3100-96, VAX 3600/3800,VAX 4000, VAX 4200   512 MB  
vtVAX 7610   1   VAX 6610, 7610   Up to 3584 MB  
vtVAX 7620   2   VAX 6620, 7620   Up to 3584 MB  
vtVAX 7630   3   VAX 6630, 7630   Up to 3584 MB  
vtVAX 7640   4    VAX 660, 760   Up to 3584 MB  

NuVAX (Hardware)

REVIVER NuVAX is ideal replacement of legacy VAX system that has special QBUS/UNIBUS controllers. These controllers are normally used in real-time test and industrial applications, such high speed DMA controllers, GPIB interface.

Choose the NuVAX solution that best meets your requirements
VAX on a Board

NuVAX Model 1200 is a brand new processor that replaces your VAX processor, memory, disks and tape drives in the VAX chassis. Your applications are transferred onto NuVAX’s self-contained hard drive and run without modification with VAX emulation software. Existing specialized Q-bus controllers and equipment are supported without any configuration changes.

This model is suited for applications embedded in computer bays where packaging and cabling changes are not practical. The Model 1000 allows you to retain your VAX chassis, Q-bus controllers, and cables.

VAX Replacement System

NuVAX Model 4400 is a complete VAX system replacement for the VAX chassis, CPU, memory, mass storage, and Q-bus controllers. Your applications are transferred without modification onto a NuVAX system which replaces the VAX. Remaining Q-bus controllers are replaced with new PCI controllers that are software and hardware compatible with Q-bus interfaces such as DRQ3B, DRV11-WA, and IEQ11. These new controllers connect to your existing equipment without software configuration changes.

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