Replace your entire PDP11 system with a modern INTEL based platform

Comware offers two separate and distinct approaches to replace your legacy PDP11. DEC PDP-11 (Hardware)

PDP-11 Hardware Emulator

The REVIVER-11 is a turnkey system that emulates a complete PDP11 on a Windows PC

The PDP11 CPU and memory are emulated by a PC-based Co-Processor board, and the PDP11 peripherals are emulated by mapping their functionality onto their most similar counterpart inside the Windows PC. The Co-Processor recognizes native PDP11 binary instructions, so the REVIVER-11 will execute all existing PDP11 software, regardless of Operating System. An exact model of the real PDP11 hardware, the REVIVER-11 utilizes a Co-Processor and the versatile Windows API (Application Programming Interface) to create a PC-based PDP11.

For PDP11 systems with custom or proprietary QBUS/UNIBUS I/O cards that must remain with the system, we offer a rackmount chassis option which contains a built-in QBUS or UNIBUS backplane and an integrated Windows PC. A high speed Fibrechannel Adapter connects the QBUS/UNIBUS backplane slots to the Co-Processor Board. One compact, complete assembly will replace a roomful of old hardware!

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