HP1000 Emulator

HP1000 Emulator

A family of realtime computers from HP introduced in 1966

They are sensor-based computers used extensively in laboratory and manufacturing environments for collecting and analyzing data.

It was discontinued by HP and removed from its price lists as of November 1, 2000. HP discontinued all support for the HP1000 in 2005.


Replace your HP1000 with a Windows PC

The REVIVER-1000 emulates a complete HP1000 computer system on a Windows PC. The HP1000 CPU, memory, disks, tapes, serial lines, and Ethernet controller are emulated by mapping their functionality onto a PCI Co-Processor board and WINDOWS’ peripherals. Since the Co-Processor recognizes native HP1000 binary instructions, the REVIVER-1000 is able to execute existing HP1000 software. No retranslation of your existing programs is required!

For A-Series and M/E/F Systems with I/O adapters that must remain with the system, the REVIVER-1000 offers a rackmount chassis option which contains an HP1000 backplane (A-Series or M/E/F, depending on your system type) and an integrated Windows PC. A high-speed Firewire adapter connects the backplane slots back to the Co-Processor Board.

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